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<b>How Much Is This Dan Helmer Ignorance Costing You?</b>

Winston Churchill said that democracy is "the worst kind of government except for all those other types which have been tried from some time to time." This is very important in picking a leader for the state of ours. In case you ask some citizen what is the greatest kind of government, most would probably say democracy. That is the reason why we must select a governor who understands the Constitution and also has a proven track record in public service.

I visit the election of Corbyn as significant not just since it will usher in likely the most left-wing Labour Party government in many decades, but also since it'll be a victory for folks power - the millions who voted for Corbyn at every single level of the Labour Party. Corbynism represents an expression of optimism, that Britain's individuals can generate serious change. At the same time, <a href=""></a> these votes speak to the failure of New Labour, a party which has abandoned large numbers in favour of globalised free market capitalism.

Contact info: 571-466-8428- kathytranforva. The district includes cities of Dumfries, Fredericksburg, Manassas and Manassas Park- and Prince William, Fairfax, Fauquier and Stafford counties. Education: Bachelor's degree in economics

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